Niagara Falls Gorge Waterfront

Environmental sustainability driving design-based development

We are taking a broad-ranging approach to sustainable architecture, implementing many of the predictable elements such as low VOC materials and energy efficiencies, then exceeding regulatory requirements and green building standards. We are incorporating advanced systems including passive home, solar energy, geothermal and rainwater harvesting for a net zero carbon performance. The challenge is to weave sustainable design elements into a broader framework that incorporates social and financial viability. To that end, environmental sustainability is aligned with value creation where the building lasts longer, improves urban streetscape and costs less to maintain.

Solar Power

Solar is an established source of clean sustainable energy. Solar panels are the most efficient, durable technology on the market, with a 40 year life expectancy.

  • Up to 4,000 SQFT of solar panels provide 86,400 kWh photovoltaic solar array, equivalent to the energy consumption of 8 homes

  • Net metering is a billing strategy where Hydro customers are credited for surplus electricity produced during the day

  • Optional battery storage protects homes incase of power outage

  • Seamlessly integrated electric vehicle charging

solar panel photovoltaic net zero energy renewable carbon neutral
rain grey water harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

Water utility rates are the fastest increasing utility cost in Ontario. Protecting our clean fresh water is a priority.

  • Rooftop rain water harvesting, filtration and storage
  • Repurposing rain water for the pool, toilets  and irrigation conserves 450,000 litres annually
  • Natural storm water management by conserving the green space
  • Permeable pavers on driveways and walkways encourage natural soil drainage
geothermal renewable energy heating cooling net zero carbon neutral

Geothermal Heating AND Cooling

Heating and cooling accounts for 39% of all carbon emissions. The average homeowner saves $3,000 per year by switching to geothermal exchange heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

  • Super high efficiency heat/cooling pumps
  • Very comfortable radiant floor heating
  • Energy recovery ventilation
Net zero carbon neutral
Niagara Falls Condos Lofts rooftop terrace community density smart design

Combating Climate Change

Location and Orientation

Lightly coloured finishes function as a solar reflectors that minimize thermal heat gain in the summer (the heat island effect). In the winter, passive solar heating is enabled by large windows that permit the low winter sun to flow into the interior, providing natural light and warmth. The thermal mass of the floors stores heat gain during the day, and releases it in the evening. The energy generated inside is conserved through sealed and continuous insulation, airtightness and ventilation with heat recovery.

solar sun shading orientation

Solar Shading

  • Engineered cantilevered sunshades allow natural daylight into the building while limiting solar heat gain
  • They reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter
underground parking modern contemporary architecture


By integrating the parking underground, we lifted the building up, optimized the views and maximized natural illumination and ventilation. The outdoor space is streamlined to the rooftop terrace and pool for everyone to enjoy the amenities and panoramic views of the Niagara Gorge and city. The communal design encourages spontaneous interactions outside of the normally private home.


Perfectly situated in the epicentre of Niagara Falls, the location is steps away from the historic downtown and the eccentric Clifton Hill, where there are a plethora of attractions, cafes and restaurants. The neighbourhood itself is serene and family friendly, nestled in nature’s masterpiece.

  • Overlooking the Niagara river to the East, great hiking and fishing awaits at the splendid Niagara Gorge which extends for 11 kilometres downstream to the Queenston escarpment.
  • The spectacular Niagara Falls are on display to the South.
  • To the West is a city park with an open field, tennis, basketball and soccer courts, and childrens’ play structures.
  • The Niagara parkway and bike path wind to the charming city of Niagara-on-the-Lake, where you may explore Niagara Parks, botanical gardens and wineries.

Building Material and Features

  • Steel, concrete and stone are extraordinary building material with incredible resilience and benefits. Home owners can be assured knowing that their building will last indefinitely with little to no maintenance, significantly reducing environmental impact.

  • Stone flooring on the roof is highly resistant to atmospheric pollutants, UV rays and extreme temperatures.

  • Architectural wall systems are engineered for intensive use on continuously insulated and ventilated facades, yet add a light and avant-garde aesthetic to the building.

  • Passive house inspired insulation is 200% more efficient than the Ontario Building Code; and a high-performance sealed building envelope.

  • Noise transference mitigation design yields sound transmission class rating exceeding Ontario building code requirements

  • Exceeding the 2018 Toronto Green Standard recommendation of less than 50% window-to-wall ratio, solar shading, high-performance glazing assemblies, energy-recovery ventilation, etc.

  • Traction elevator provides smoother ride with superior energy efficiency compared to hydraulic units.
rooftop terrace pool

The Million Dollar View

  • 52 feet rooftop infinity lap pool
  • Pre-fabricated one-piece stainless steel vessel and shell warranted for 25 years
Roof top pool terrace
Niagara Condominiums lofts modern open concept


An integrated design team ensures that each element of the building is optimized to maximize occupants comfort and experience.  We showcase innovative products, equipment and market solutions to deliver a healthy and productive indoor environment.

  • Solid-core suite entry doors open to spacious floorpans with 9′ ceilings, whilst lofts soar up to 19 feet.
  • An inner volume of 3 rooms on the main level lead to an open layout where living, entertainment and work spaces can be configured as desired.
  • Floor plans are customizable to suit personal preferences.  Get involved early on to make adjustments to suit your family’s needs.
  • Every detail is designed with an artistic impression and luxurious finishes, including ultra-clean wall reveals and trims.
Open concept 3D renderings floor plans
Master bedroom view Niagara Gorge

Windows and Doors

  • Architectural, slim lines and big glass optimized for winter and summer conditions
  • European style tilt & turn windows provide maximum ventilation, egress and thermal sealing
  • Engineered wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling moveable glass walls open 13’ wide to the outdoors
  • Triple-glazed low E Argon high performance (U-values 0.13 – 0.17)
wall to wall windows doors
blinds shading cooling

Roller Blinds

Robust automated shading systems offer reliable, functional solution to control glare, reduce solar heat gain and natural light control

intelligent smart home automation

Intelligent Home Automation

Unified control of the entire home

  • Smart LED lighting with occupancy sensors
  • Security systems and cameras
  • Smart locks with audio/video communication
  • Smart thermostats, sun shades, and more


  • Work in conjunction with the HVAC for added energy savings
  • Fans produce a 10 degree cooling effect in the summer. In winter they push hot air trapped at the ceiling back down to the floor.
big ass fans heating cooling
modern kitchen island stone professional appliances


Spacious and elegant, strictly modern with clean lines, designed with refined minimalism, manufactured locally by skilled artisans, using only premium material and fine finishes

  • Full 8’ x 5’ waterfall stone island
  • Professional grade appliances to satisfy the most discerning chefs
  • Countertops and backsplash with stone slabs
  • Double stainless steel under mount sink with pull-out spray faucet
Kitchen wolf subzero appliances
Professional oven range stove
Professional appliances


  • American-made gold standard with 20 year lifespan
  • Induction cooking advantages are speed and heat-efficiency
  • Dual convection precisely controls heat and airflow over 3 racks
  • SIRIUS pro ventilation built-in hood with 600 CFM
Professional appliances
Upgraded professional appliances


  • American-made gold standard with 20 year lifespan
  • Tall design integrated with automatic ice maker and internal dispenser
  • 30” for condominiums and 36” for lofts
  • Custom matching panels
  • Locks in cold air with a magnetic door seal system
  • Air and water purification system combats spoilage and odors
  • Nano-coated spill-proof shelving
  • Monitor and control remotely with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • ASKO dishwasher
free standing bathtub walkout curbless shower


  • Large format wall tiles
  • Curb-less showers with single slope to linear drain
  • Stand-alone natural stone 6’ tubs in lofts
  • Shower glass partitions with niche in the wall
  • Water-efficient dual flush rain water toilets
  • Designer fixtures with pressure balance valve
  • Low-flow taps and shower heads aerators
  • Full width designer vanity mirror with lighting
designer faucets sink
Open concept bathroom


Underground, FOB security, stair and elevator access

  • Solar-powered electrical vehicle charging stations
  • Handicap parking
  • Bicycle parking and storage
  • Grey water to power wash in the garage
Electric vehicle solar charging station
Garage underground electric vehicle charging